What should I Pack for my Ski Holiday In Queenstown

Date: 29th June 2018

The question that gets all holiday makers the week before their scheduled trip. In particular ‘What should I pack for my Ski Holiday in Queenstown’.

We have put together an insiders guide and a top 10 list of items you don’t want to forget! Everyone will bring the basics:- jacket, salopettes, gloves, thermals, ski socks, helmet. We wanted to give you some tips of things you wouldn’t think about or wouldn’t know about!

  • Something to read, there is nothing more relaxing than getting off the slopes and unwinding after a day skiing than curling up reading a book
  • A good pair of trainers- as the best way to enjoy some after ski fun is to hit the vibrant nightlife with a comfy pair of trainers- ladies ditch the heels!
  • A buff- my lifesaver! For those windy mountain days! Takes the edge of the wind chill
  • Films! Either on an IPad, Hard drive or physical DVD sometimes its good to unwind and rest
  • Good casual clothes- you may want to take a day off the slopes and do some of the exciting activities and trips Queenstown has to offer!
  • A bathing suit- There is nothing better than ending your day on the slopes than going for a relaxing swim or sauna session it relaxes the body and muscles
  • High Factor sunblock/suncream . We are much closer to the sun at altitude and with all the reflection of the suns rays, it’s easy to burn and be caught out so make sure you are prepared
  • A small day rucksack. Useful for days on the slopes to store water, suncream, snacks, extra items of clothing
  • Polarisied sunglasses- don’t get caught out by the strong rays of sun when you are walking around and enjoying your lunch. No one wants to sit eating their lunch with goggles on because they can’t see!
  • Deep Heat- to help calm any aches and pains your may incure whilst skiing, as we mustn’t forget its an alpine sport and we go many months in between a ski holiday so we use muscles we haven’t regularly used. Its normal to feel achy after day one so top tip is to have some deep heat ready to put on after.

Written by Jo Highfield, an experienced snowboarder.