How Young can a Child Learn to Ski or Snowboard

Date: 6th April 2019

Getting out to the mountains and Skiing or riding is everyone’s favourite winter activity. So it is understandable that skiing and snowboarding evolved into a lifelong passion for so many of us. For those of us that have kids, it’s equally understandable to want to pass that same passion on to them. The question that most parents ask is “so at what age can my child start to ski or snowboard?” Well, every child is different and there is no correct answer to this. The best advice I can give is, “you will be the best judge of your child’s abilities.”  

For the most part, a good time to start ski lessons is between the ages of 4-6. Your child will most likely be confident walking and performing physical activities but may lack concentration coordination and at this age. Subsequently, snowboarding requires more concentration and coordination, so it’s best to wait a little longer to start snowboarding.

If you are uncertain about your child’s ability to learn to ski or snowboard, here are some things you might consider:

-Are independent and happy to spend the day without Mum and Dad?

-Are they physically able and confident?

-Do they follow instructions well?


My Top 3 Tips

  1. Do not attempt to teach your child how to ski.

The most common cause of families fighting on the slopes is children being taught by relatives. An instructor gives your child the best opportunity to properly learn skills at their pace and to quickly gain confidence. This will also save your child a lot of hurt feelings, reduce your frustration, and allow you extra time to yourself on the slopes. Take a look at some of our child ski packages on offer.

2. Wrap up warm

Nothing is worse than being stuck on a mountain and being frozen to the bone. Make sure your child gets the correct gear so they stay warm and have fun. In the worse case, your child can remove layers and give them to their instructor to carry. Check out our rental gear that is available to hire daily.

3. Plan to ski for half the day

As a parent it can truly be difficult to put the effort and money into skiing or snowboarding with your kids, only to have them declare they are ready to go home by lunchtime. As frustrating as this may be for you, the slopes are taxing on the leg muscles for beginners. Just remember you are with your family, being active and on the slopes.